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Hello, everyone!
I would be very happy to tell you how amazing "Zen Meditation" is.
There are various kinds of "Zen Meditation."
I have exercised my ingenuity in fitting the Zen Meditation in our times.
And, I finally came up with Enko’s special:"the Static Zen" and "the Dynamic Zen."

With both of them, your mind and body will be activated, and your life will be even happier.
I would like to pass on this know-how to American people.

I am looking for individuals or organizations to host my lecture presentation in the United States.

If you are interested in Enko Sakai, please contact us through the following "Inquiry Form".

I have two dreams.

First, I would like to establish orphanages in several countries so that those children-in-need can have better future.

[Enko's Policy about Establishing Orphanages]
I would like to set up orphanages in order to foster children in developing countries based on the following policies. What is as important as our lives is environment. Bad environment puts people’s lives in danger. I would like to provide good environment to children.
I would like to send qualified staff members filled with a lot of love and charity to those orphanages and learn many things together with them. I would like to aim for what is beyond religions, ethnic groups and national borders. I would like to establish as many orphanages for small groups as possible in various parts of the world so that I can save needy children living in different countries. I will be founding several of them in Southeast Asia in the beginning.

Second, I would like to achieve the following goals by the time I end my life:
making the wealthy society filled with a lot of love
making the society where each member lives his/her own values
making the society where each member contributes to others by using his/her specialty

I chose Zen in order to realize such a society.
If you live a fulfilling life with Zen, you will make a social contribution.
Give love, happiness and spiritual richness to yourself.
Then, share them with many people around you.
This is the Zen of the 21st century in my opinion.

If you agree with us in realizing such a beautiful future, we would like to invite you to make a contribution.

We look forward to your donation from those who would like to help our activities, and those who are financially fit.
We would appreciate your cooperation.

The principle of traditional religion is rigorous and controlled. It has strict fundamentals which we are never allowed to deviate from.
Restraint in religions precisely determines the borderline between being allowed and not being allowed. That can be said in the field of painting and music as well.

People believe that "the nearer to the church, the farther from God"; however, this idea has become a thing of the past. If Buddha and Jesus were alive in our age, they might express their belief through films or on the internet.

The reason why I try to produce myself and our temple is not for the benefit of us, but for my intense longing to show those great works to the world. My activities derive from my whole personality. Please visit Myojyoin, which is also one of my works.

Becoming an adult means you have made many difficult choices in your life. Choosing something is losing something.The pleasure of accomplishment gives you two different feelings at the same time. You would be satisfied with your performance while you would be frustrated with it. You; however, should be proud of yourself as long as you certainly achieve something, even though it is a tiny thing.You can praise yourself since you are brave enough to choose something.

Tell yourself that you have tried very hard to live your life, and have a dream of your future. Believe in the world, but never cry over it, since you are part of the world.

Life is like falling in love with your future.If you can’t enjoy loving your future alone, why don’t you do that with someone else? It can be your friend, you boy/girl friend, your spouse, or your family. Whoever it is, your life will be even much nicer with someone you like.

I have three mottos:

"living in the present"
"finding a purpose/dreaming of something"
"not clinging to anything"

I will keep balancing these three ways of living, and I would like to show you how happy and lovely the life will be with them. Furthermore, I would like to make my best effort to establish orphanages in many countries in order to help needy children in the world.

Enko Sakai was featured in newspaper
「The Japan Times」AUGUST7,2015

「Late career change for Buddhist monk」
When you get to be 50 years old, you can see the end of your career. Whatever you choose — maintaining your current position and income in your present job, or continuing to climb the corporate ladder for that next promotion — most people would prefer to stay in their present job. It is to protect their family, or sometimes to protect whatever they have earned in life.

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Heart Sutra by Enko's interpretation about Zen

Wouldn’t you like to make your life much easier?

You can live a happy life if you relax and take it easy.
Suffering or hardship is little more than an illusion, so don't worry.

This world is meaningless.
Pain or sorrow is nothing from the beginning. This world is changing.
You can even change your sorrow to joy.

You sometimes get unclean and at other times suffer from the burden. That's why you can throw away what you have on your hands.

Now you know how uncertain this world is.
Forget about anything like pain or disease.

Don't pay so much attention to what you see.
Don't cling to what you hear.

People have different tastes in anything, don't they?
That's totally unpredictable.

You can't make a decision? That's not a problem at all..
That is so-called "nothingness". You go through many difficulties in your life. It's difficult to avoid facing hardship.
Then, why don't you leave it here?

We never know what's around the corner. You don't have to try hard to light up your way.
You can enjoy walking down the dark street. In this way you can realize you are truly living a life.
Living right may be hard, in fact.
But, anyone can live in a lighthearted manner, you know?

There is a knack for living as a disciplinant. We don't need to suffer to live.
Be a disciplinant living happily.
Yet, we need some kind of fear in our life.
Wise fear begets care.

Don't get it wrong, though.
I'm not saying that you should be cold. If you keep having your dream, fantasy or mercy, you can find nirvana anywhere.
Your way of living will never change, but your attitude will do.
Anyone can become a Buddha if you have a room in your heart.

Remember this sutra since it's short enough.

You don't have to know what it means exactly.
Forget about the details.
At least it gives you less sorrow. Isn't that enough?

If you admit all your lies and nonsense, you will be relieved. That's the way it goes.
You can forget what I have said so far, but remember only this line.

Murmur this line whenever you feel like it.
You can even chant this line in your heart.

Listen carefully.

"Sing this sutra loud, so your evil thoughts will be driven away, the peace of soul will come, and you will have all the answers." "Then finally, you will be enlightened. All your purposes will be accomplished by singing this sutra."

Never mind. Things will work out.

Greetings from the Chief Priest Enko Sakai

Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you find something interesting here.

Here, I introduce you one of my most favorite Buddha’s words, 自灯明 (Ji-To-Myo) whose direct translation is "the light of self-lamp." Buddha kept walking and walking with one of his disciples throughout India. When Buddha was in his dying days, that disciple grieved and asked Buddha what he should do after Buddha’s death. Buddha answered, "Do believe that you have virtue in your own soul."

When you have hard time or feel sorry, you should believe in your justice and develop courage with delight. Myojyoin aims to be an open temple which anyone can visit anytime. We are now known as one of the spiritual places in Japan and have received a lot of attention. We have had many visitors recently.

Our original trainings are recommended for those:

who wants to spend more comfortable days

who seeks his/her goal and purpose in life

who needs a bit more courage to fulfill your dream

who has a problem to be solved

who wants to obtain a good intuition and utilize it in daily life

who wants to have a flexible mind such as water and cloud

who wants to meet someone new

who wants to alleviate your daily fatigue

who wants to experience a deep state of meditation

Our Original Trainings:

Zen Meditation

Zen Meditation

What can we get by zen meditation?

1.We can have stable mind.

2.We can have clear and simple thinking.

3.We can relax in any situation.

The Six Steps of Zen Meditation

1.Put your folded right leg on your left lap.

2.Put your folded left leg on your right leg and cross them.

(If you can't,you can skip No.2 step.)

3.Put your left hand on your right hand and make a circle like an egg.

4.Put your tongue tip on the back of your upper teeth. Maintain this position during meditation.

5.Put your chin down and keep your eyes half-open.

6.Count numbers repeating "breath-in" and "breath-out". One,two,three.....

Mediation under a Waterfall

Mediation under a Waterfall

What can we get by meditation under a waterfall?

1.We can feel refreshed physically.

2.We can get relief from our stress.

3.We can get good energy in our body.

Transcribing a Sutra

Transcribing a Sutra

What can we get by hand-copying of sutras?

1.We can practice concentrating on something.

2.We can experience another meditation.

3.We can cleanse our mind driving wrong thoughts away.

Continuing one of the above mentioned trainings will be most likely to bring fulfillment of your dream.

Who's Enko Sakai?

Religion is not difficult to practice! He is a temple master who teaches you how pleasant it is to believe in religion!

Myojyoin, which is a temple of Buddhist Priest Enko, has many non-Buddhist symbols such as the statue of the Virgin Mary, the Star of David, and the mirror of Shinto. Priest Enko says, "All the religions originate in the same one and we share the prayer." There is no distance between religions.

This temple also has stained glass windows, healing sound, a glittering stone, and other items which power you up. His flexible thinking has made the temple a visitor attraction. Especially, meditation under a waterfall is very popular because you can have a sort of adventure and you can feel refreshed as well.

We also have more programs including Zen meditation, esoteric Buddhism works, and other spiritual experiences.
Priest Enko pursues a new style of religion, in which you can have traditional trainings in a plain way.

Meditation under a waterfall
in Myojyoin


the Golden Nehan(Nirvana)
Painting of Buddha
on the ceiling

the Statue of Virgin Mary
with the stained glasses


the Hyper-Energy
Space Charger Circle


He is so friendly! He enriches the mind of all-aged men and women!

He is a qualified psychological counselor and hypnosis facilitator, so he listens to you and gives you some good advice from the three aspects: psychology, Buddhism and the spiritual. He suggests that we see things from the diversified position to capture the essence of them.

"How does he know it?" "He will sympathize with me for sure." Many consulters voluntarily start crying with surprise and relief after talking with him. He talks brightly and with good humor. You will feel as if you are having a chat with one of your friends.

He listens to his consulters so sincerely that he sometimes even loses track of time. You will have the joy of living once again being encouraged by his inspiring advice.

He will not only preserve tradition and history but also present himself overseas!

Buddha is a founder of Buddhism as everybody knows.
Priest Enko, however, states flatly that he does respect but does not worship Buddha.

To worship Buddha means to place yourself under Buddha and to admit your limitations. He rather aims to become a holy man himself. "If you want to climb Mt. Fuji, you should get prepared for Mt. Everest which is much higher." This is Priest Enko’s theory. He claims that we should go for a higher goal rather than making an effort to achieve your present one. "If you only aspire for greatness of Buddha, you will never get closer to Buddha. We should have a higher goal to even exceed Buddha. Then you might only get a little closer to Buddha."

Priest Enko engages in the activities which help needy children through the world. Mother Teresa and Dalai Lama, who dedicated or has dedicated their life to helping the poor, are called "the Saints of Today". Priest Enko says loudly, "I will become Father Teresa."


A Meeting to Think about the Value of Human Life.

Once a month, we hold a meeting in which you can learn how to breathe, how to meditate, how to activate your right-brain, and so on. We would like you to recall yourself and enjoy your life very much with these methods.

Meditation under a Waterfall

We built an artificial waterfall on our premise in August, 2010 because we wanted you to change your fixed idea and to try meditation under a waterfall. As of July 2013, more than 3,000 people have experienced this training. Many of them were happy with it, and said, "I was released from stress and constraints."or "I am refreshed and filled with a feeling of accomplishment." We hold this waterfall training twice a month.

Mystery Bus Tour to Kyoto

This is a bus tour on which you enjoy Kyoto visiting the various places with an expert residing there. Last time, 35 participants saw a spiritual Shinto shrine, a historic temple, and a study room used by the imperial family. They also tried Kyoto cuisine and 12-layered ceremonial kimono.

Hohoemi Life Counseling

Priest Enko encourages his consulters in ternary perspective. In other words, he gives some useful advice for their life from three different directions: their job, family and hobby, or their words, thoughts and behaviors.
With this concept we can keep our mental balance easily. He deals with all kinds of problems including love, marital life, job, family, children, nursing care, life purpose, concerns and so on. He listens to his consulters in a relaxed manner at his healing room.

In addition, Enko Sakai tries to provide more various activities such as public talks, seminars, workshops, concerts, and unique bus tours.

Enko Sakai’s History

Five-year-old Enko with his older brother.(on the right)

Enko at his high school age, on the tuna fishing boat in Guam.(on the left)

22-year-old Enko entering the priesthood.(in the middle)

March 15, 1963 Born in Gamagori-city,
Aichi-prefecture, Japan.
1970[at the age of 7] Parents divorced.
[at the age of 10-18]
Worked as a paperboy, a dishwasher and a construction worker.
1981[at the age of 18] Graduated from Aichi Prefectural Miya High School, Japan.
Experienced the three-month apprenticeship on a tuna fishing boat in Guam.
April 1981[at the age of 18] Worked for a food company.
1985[at the age of 22] Entered the priesthood in Pure Land sect of Buddhism.
1988[at the age of 25] Graduated from Kyoto Seizan College, Japan
1990[at the age of 27] Converted to Tendai sect of Buddhism.
1991[at the age of 28] Graduated from Hieizan Gakuin, Shiga, Japan
1993[at the age of 30] Graduated from Bukkyo University, Kyoto, Japan
1998[at the age of 35] Married and had a baby boy.
2004[at the age of 41] Assumed the office of the Myojyoin temple master.
2005[at the age of 42] Represented the Tendai Young Buddhist Association.

He was born in 1963. At the age of seven, his parents divorced, so his mother brought up him and his brother by herself. At the tender age of twelve, he started working as a paper boy or a milk boy to help his family financially. He, however, never thought he was unhappy about his tough circumstances. He rather accepted his life as it was. After working as an office worker for a while, he entered the priesthood following to his maternal grandfather who was a Buddhist priest. His grandfather taught him Buddhist sutras and commandments strictly. Meanwhile, he entered Bukkyo University in Kyoto, Japan, where he focused on studying and enjoyed reading pure literature. Being promoted in the priest rank, he was having fulfilling days then.

It was one such day when a friend of his stopped by. Unfortunately that man took his own life only two weeks later. Priest Enko blamed himself very much for not being able to take care of the loneliness of the man. At the age of 27, he entered Enryakuji in Mt. Hiei, which is a head temple of Tendai sect after he gave up the rank that he had acquired in the Pure Land sect. Two years later he completed all the harsh training and entered Myojyoin. Finally he assumed the office of the Myojyoin temple master when he turned 42 years old.

Temples generally reflect the master’s idea. Priest Enko decided to renovate his temple, so that people can visit him easily and he can successfully alleviate their worries and trouble. After discussing his remodeling plan with some of the supporters, he turned his temple into a contemporary one and a spiritual spot bringing you beauty and wealth. He did not depend on donation but built up the temple fund. Recently Myojyoin has often been covered as a unique and attractive temple by TV or magazines.

He also devotes himself to up-skilling. He has tried new things every ten years up until now. At the age of 40, he obtained a qualification of a counselor after completing the mental health and hypnosis management course. At the same time he acquired specialist knowledge and skills in Reiki, Qigong, yoga, meditation and energy work. With these qualifications, skills and knowledge, he has been giving people some ideas how to live or how to think in such a stressful society and encouraging them to create a new path to their future. This year, at the age of 50, he has started learning English in anticipation of the overseas presence. This is another new thing for him.

Media Exposures

Enko Sakai has been covered by many of the Japanese major newspapers, magazines, and radio/TV programs.





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